CodeCup 2018 - An online programming competition  

CodeCup 2018 - An online programming competition


Contest Blackhole
Date Sat Sep 30 2017
Competition type Test
Status Not yet started
Contestants 54
Swiss rounds 8
Players in final round 52


The contest is open for submissions. New contestants are added to this list automatically. Submissions are accepted until 12:00 GMT on the day of the competition.

Name Group New?
Maks Verver (35,CH)CodeCup 
C.A. Nouta (32,NL)CodeCup 
Sebastiaan Roodenburg (35,NL)CodeCup 
John Christian David (35,PH)CodeCup 
Robbert van Kessel (29,NL)CodeCup 
Gijs van Swaaij (25,NL)CodeCup 
Dirk Groot (39,NL)CodeCup 
Raul Kooter (33,NL)CodeCup 
Abdessamad EL Kasimi (36,MA)CodeCup 
Matthijs Tijink (25,NL)CodeCup 
Stian Valle (28,NO)CodeCup 
Peter Vermeulen (32,BE)CodeCup 
Peter Smit (30,FI)CodeCup 
Sandor Pandur (30,HU)CodeCupNew!
Willem Melching (23,NL)CodeCup 
Anatolijs Gorbunovs (29,LV)CodeCup 
Maarten Schadd (34,NL)CodeCup 
Adil ZARHANE (35,MA)CodeCup 
Alexandr Mushtagov (36,KZ)CodeCup 
Antonio Morillas (51,ES)CodeCup 
Koen Wolters (22,NL)CodeCup 
Jonathan Heek (21,NL)CodeCup 
Tom Smeding (19,NL)CodeCup 
Michiel Visser (20,NL)CodeCup 
Kirk Joubert (31,ZA)CodeCup 
Marc Oldenhof (45,NL)CodeCup 
Nikita Kurgin (29,RU)CodeCup 
Robert Koprinkov (16,NL)NIO 
Jochem Raat (19,NL)CodeCup 
Marien Raat (19,NL)CodeCup 
Andor Michels (19,NL)CodeCup 
Jelmer Firet (17,NL)NIO 
Arnoud Schmiermann (17,NL)CodeCup 
Leopold Tschanter (56,AT)CodeCup 
Rafael Mostert (23,NL)CodeCup 
Tom Daman (16,NL)NIO 
Joaquin van Loon (17,NL)NIO 
Luisa Lamprea (43,CO)CodeCup 
Jelle van Cappelle (17,NL)CodeCup 
Reijer van Harten (17,NL)NIO 
Tjeerd van Cappelle (49,NL)CodeCup 
Tudor Serban (37,RO)CodeCup 
Narcis Gemene (21,RO)CodeCup 
Rune Valle (33,NO)CodeCup 
Matthias Gelbmann (56,AT)CodeCup 
Tej Kanwar (22,US)CodeCup 
Alexandru Flavian Tataru (28,RO)CodeCupNew!
Szabi Buzogany (17,NL)NIO 
Dorin Damaschin (30,RO)CodeCup 
Maurits van Altvorst (15,NL)NIONew!
Marcel Vlastuin (57,NL)unofficial 
Willem van der Vegt (61,NL)unofficial 
David Venhoek (21,NL)unofficial 
Jens Heuseveldt (19,NL)unofficial