CodeCup 2021 - An online programming competition  

CodeCup 2021 - An online programming competition


Contest Zuniq
Date Sat Nov 14 2020
Competition type Test
Status Not yet started
Contestants 35
Swiss rounds 9
Players in final round 24


The contest is open for submissions. New contestants are added to this list automatically. Submissions are accepted until 06:00 UTC on the day of the competition.

Name Group New?
C.A. Nouta (35,NL)CodeCup 
Laurent van den Bos (28,NL)CodeCup 
Stefan Toman (31,DE)CodeCup 
Tomek Czajka (39,PL)CodeCup 
Abdessamad El Kasimi (39,MA)CodeCup 
Matthijs Tijink (28,NL)CodeCup 
Peter Vermeulen (39,BE)CodeCup 
Peter Smit (33,FI)CodeCup 
Maarten Schadd (37,NL)CodeCup 
Kirk Brown (48,CA)CodeCup 
Mikhail Dvorkin (33,RU)CodeCup 
Koen Wolters (26,NL)CodeCup 
Tom Smeding (22,NL)CodeCup 
Paul Wiselius (73,NL)CodeCup 
Marc Oldenhof (48,NL)CodeCup 
Jelmer Firet (20,NL)CodeCup 
Leopold Tschanter (59,AT)CodeCup 
Luisa Lamprea (43,CO)CodeCup 
Jelle van Cappelle (21,NL)CodeCup 
Annejan van den Dool (18,NL)CodeCup 
Noud Bongers (20,NL)CodeCup 
Henk Koops (52,NL)CodeCup 
Pepijn Overbeeke (29,NL)CodeCup 
Jeroen Op de Beek (18,NL)CodeCup 
Marco Meijer (18,NL)NIO 
Steven Kroon (49,NL)CodeCup 
Emil Riedeman (15,NL)NIO 
Dominik Suszczewicz (28,PL)CodeCup 
Wojciech Raszka (31,PL)CodeCup 
Aron Hardeman (15,NL)NIO 
Boris de Wilde (38,NL)CodeCup 
Daan de Groot (15,NL)NIO 
frank meert (49,NL)CodeCup 
Marcel Vlastuin (60,NL)Unofficial 
Ludo Pulles (23,NL)Unofficial