CodeCup 2024 - An online programming competition  

CodeCup 2024 - An online programming competition


Contest Sudoku
Date Sat Oct 07 2023
Competition type Test
Status Not yet started
Contestants 41
Swiss rounds 0
Players in final round 0


The contest is open for submissions. New contestants are added to this list automatically. Submissions are accepted until 06:00 UTC on the day of the competition.

Name Group New?
Willem van der Vegt (67,NL)CodeCup 
Maks Verver (41,CH)CodeCup 
Sebastiaan Roodenburg (41,NL)CodeCup 
Jorik Mandemaker (36,NL)CodeCup 
Matthijs Tijink (31,NL)CodeCup 
Antonio Morillas (57,ES)CodeCup 
Jens Heuseveldt (26,NL)CodeCup 
Louis Verhaard (56,SE)CodeCup 
Pieter Marsman (32,NL)CodeCup 
Marc Oldenhof (51,NL)CodeCup 
Jelmer Hinssen (23,NL)CodeCup 
Andor Michels (25,NL)CodeCup 
Lukas Pestalozzi (31,CH)CodeCup 
Jeroen van Oorschot (34,NL)CodeCup 
Boris de Wilde (41,NL)CodeCup 
Jasper van Merle (24,NL)CodeCup 
Frank Meert (52,NL)CodeCup 
Mees Broer (20,NL)CodeCup 
Zino Onomiwo (27,NL)CodeCup 
Joe Rahn (21,NL)CodeCup 
Mark ter Brugge (53,NL)CodeCup 
Anne Lu (28)CodeCup 
Jan Nunnink (43,NL)CodeCup 
Fabio Murer (20,IT)CodeCup 
Niklas Een (50,SE)CodeCup 
Vlad Shcherbina (37)CodeCup 
ZhengYi Chen (17,NL)NIO 
Bùi Quang Nguyên (15,VN)CodeCup 
Nguyen Khang (16,VN)CodeCup 
Anthony Bresler (15,NL)NIO 
Michiel Smits (42,NL)CodeCup 
Rust Kokkie (29,NL)CodeCup 
Nathan Fenner (27,US)CodeCup 
Frank Corporaal (25,NL)CodeCup 
Isaac van Asselt (45,NL)CodeCup 
Duy Truot Tuyen (17,VN)CodeCup 
Le Minh Hoang (16,VN)CodeCup 
Marcel Vlastuin (63,NL)Unofficial 
Ludo Pulles (26,NL)Unofficial 
Jelmer Firet (23,NL)Unofficial